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PowerDerm®  Kinetic Dermabrasion

Surgery-Free Face Lift™

Advanced Patented Resurfacing Technology

Your body has its own ability to create the Miracle Inside You to Reverse Time. PowerDerm is the Only System with the Strength and Unique Capability to do it all at once.


The Facial skin ages because of the inability to get Lymphatic Blood Plasma Nutrient to

the Skin Cells.  By having the ability to remove the outer surface and pump the lymphatic system you can remove the impression of time.

Multiple PowerDerm Treatments will provide you with the Youngest, Strongest, Healthiest Looking Skin without Surgery or Injections or to enhance your Surgery and injections.

We accomplish these by erasing external surface defects and rebuilding internal cellular structures. Our advanced treatment technology effectively restores youthful vitality, health, and tone, by removing years of External aging, wrinkles, and skin damage, and at the same time triggering Internal Facial Restructuring at the cellular level with the release of Collagen & Elastin in the Dermis.

Health and tone of the skin are improved by a dramatic increase in Epidermal circulation which flushes the skin’s toxins out with Lymphatic drainage, while the increased flow of Blood Nutrients maintains healthy rebuilding of the underlying skin structure.

You won’t need expensive facelifts, laser, or collagen injections either. Our Reversing TimeTM treatment programs will remove what aging has added, and renew what aging took away, naturally


Patented Resurfacing Technology

The foundation of our Surgery-Free FaceLift is our patented facial resurfacing technology called PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion. It is the first advancement over microdermabrasion since 1992. As this treatment erases away dead, discolored, wrinkled, and aged skin, it removes the impermeable surface layers that prevent topical absorption, and delivers Vitamins, Antioxidants, and Hyaluronic Acid within our treatment into the newly absorbent living skin cells. Most importantly, Resurfacing triggers the release of Collagen & Elastin Peptides deep within the Dermis, which supplies the structural materials of our Facelift.

Blood and Lymphatic Nutrition Delivery

Vigorous Kinetic pumping action supercharges circulation in the Blood and Lymphatic Systems which draws Blood Nutrients into the epidermal matrix and flushes toxins out. Skin health is revitalized with your body’s own Vitamins, Antioxidants, Oxygen, Amino Acids, Peptides, Hormones, and Hyaluronic Acid. No other skin treatment technology Resurfaces and then Restructures through nourishment as well as our Surgery-Free Facelift.TM


Chemical Peel Boosters

Our AHA (glycolic acid) and ChemiPeel Treatments are boosters and enhancements to the Kinetic Dermabrasion Foundation Peel. The benefits they give are enumerated in their respective sections, but when applied in conjunction with a Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment, the magnitude of their potency skyrockets.

12 week sessions will be 2-3 times a week depending on skin goals.

2 per week will give you a 6 week span of treatments to a whole new you!

Collagen Elastin Depleted 

Pumpkin Enzyme Collagen Crystals

Pumpkin aroma bathes the senses as the Dermis is stimulated to release Fibroblasts which secrete Collagen & Elastin. Kinetic forces and dermabrasion clear the skin surface as lymphatic massage disperses blood plasma nutrients within the skin’s Epidermal structure.


8 Treatments 

Includes: VitaShield Triple Serum 10 day Active Serum & Custom Blend Therapy Powder


Fine Lines & Wrinkles                                             

20% Vita "A" Berry & 20% Alpha Lipoic Acid Crystals

Advanced repair formula targets fine lines and wrinkles to replace the core of the wrinkle’s intercellular matrix. Extracellular absorption of Vitamin A and Alpha Lipoic Acid aids in protecting the core matrix from further damage from free radicals that cause epidermal lines and wrinkles.


Packaged in 4, 8, or 12 Treatments  

12 Treatments Include:  Vitashield OPC- Triple Serum 10 day Active Serum & Custom Blend Therapy Powder

Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, Oxygen Depleted  


Tropical Pineapple Enzyme Anti-Aging Crystals

Pineapple Enzymes do double duty by bathing the skin in an anti-aging essential oil serum as Kinetic Dermabrasion removes dead skin cells, increases circulation of lymphatic interstitial plasma nutrients, and drains dark circles and puffy eyes.  Overall tightening, firming, and hydrating of loose skin gives your face the beauty of a Mini FaceLift.


Packaged in 4, 8, or 12 Treatments  

12 Treatments Include:  Vitashield OPC- Triple Serum 10 day Active Serum & Custom Blend Therapy Powder


Dry, Dull, Pale Complexion                                                     


Lavender Restoration Crystals

Removes internal toxins, purifies, and provides balance, vitality to outer surface. Skin emerges visibly lightened and silky smooth. Helps naturally clear clogged pores and reduces enlarged pores.

Includes: Custom Blend Therapy Powder

Acne, Hormonal, Sensitive  


Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Clarifying Crystals

Eucalyptus & Tea Tree target Acne's Inflammatory Precursors to flare-ups with two of nature's most potent Anti-bacterial and Anti-septic ingredients.  Kinetic Dermabrasion minimizes and smooths acne scar surfaces and edges and triggers Collagen & Elastin Rebuilding. Lymphatic Massage breaks up and clears away acne scar walls from within.

Includes:  Vitashield OPC- Triple Serum 10 day Active Serum, Custom Blend Therapy Powder & Liquid Cream Timeless Prescription Vitamin A&E Sun Damage, Hyper-Pigmentation Mandarin Orange Triple "C & E" Rejuvenating Crystals

Includes: Illuminating Fading Fluid Revitalizes and repairs sun damaged skin cells.  Triple the amounts of "C and E" infuse antioxidants into skin cells and fight off future aging. Recycles damaged cells deep in the Epidermis, reverse signs of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and discoloration.

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