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Excuses are like... Everyone has one!

OK! So where are you on the excuse making scale? 1 to 5. one being perfect and 5 making loads of excuses? Have you ever counted how many excuses you made in one day or week? It is so common to self sabotage ourselves with excuses! It is a dirty word and should be eliminated from your life! However, easier said than done! What are some of the common excuses we make on a day to day basis? I will go on a diet when... I will focus on my sales when I... I will save some money when... I will follow-up on my client when.. I will.. I will.. I will!! Or the worst; I CAN'T do blank because... OMG this is so important to be aware and take action this is something you can correct! This is a habit we create in our life! It's not something we are born with and your life will be so much more without them!

It is so important to be aware of your thoughts and then your actions. You need to be real with

yourself. Excuses will emerge as a terrible habit of procrastination when you constantly avoid the things you know need to be done, you're doomed. Hate to be so honest but this is why you may not be where you want to be in your life. It's not easy breaking this habit but if you don't make it a priority; it will lead to many different negative actions such as laziness and even depression.

So what do you do? You need to take action. You need to want to change! You need to be aware when your really using a excuse. It is time to reprogram your brain. When you make a decision NOT to do something you must acknowledge when it is an excuse and when its not. For example; when I need to do something instead of thinking when I will do it, I will ask myself, can I do this now?

Most times it is yes, this moment and done. Executing each action, checking your list off and completing the task. Ask yourself why haven't you finished your goal, your brain will automatically tell you why. Instead of making excuses make it your reason to do it. My mentor who had 2 kids and building her business always said "make your kids your reason to do the things you need to be successful instead of making them your excuses." This hit me and I never forgot it. Make it your reason you MUST do it, take the next step, do something you are uncomfortable doing, because you have to it and get it done! Understand what the consequence will be if you do not do the task you're avoiding. It is simply changing your thoughts then your actions.

This will give you so much accomplishment in your life. It will allow you to feel success and grow. It's a mindset, as long as you are aware of what you need to reform you will always have room for growth.

So start by being aware of your thoughts. Start asking yourself what if I don't' complete this action what will happen how will I feel? Keep your goals a priority and you will see your success propel you into a life of ease and happiness!


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