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Time Freedom

Let's talk about Time. It is the most priceless thing we have in our life. Everyone has 24 hours a day, 12 months, 365 days a year. So why do most people not have this priority of managing their time and plan their goals? Are we thinking about how important time is? Do you realize how valuable time is to your life and your lifestyle. Instead most just allow time to go by without thinking about planning each minute It does sometimes seem overwhelming to schedule your day, week & month however it is so important to your health, mind and soul. Instead of just surviving you should be living.

Time freedom well what is it? My definition is that with time freedom it allows you to create your life without any boundaries.

We’re do you begin? First start living in the moment to reprogram your mind to realize what makes you happy whether it is just going for a walk and smelling the air or seeing the pretty flowers, living in the moment. Taking a break from the monotony of everyday life. This clouds your vision of the perfectness of your world! Focus on what makes you happy fills your soul!

Next is goals, where are you going what do you want to do & when. Are your goals going to take your life in the direction towards your dreams? Write your goals out, a detailed plan of what you want and when. How are you going to get it and what are you willing to give up. Be impeccable with your words and read them 2 or more times a day!! Let’s get into it a bit.

Most often people create their goals towards the materialistic and tangible goals. Cars, boats, vacations. But for some reason I rarely see time freedom, as a priority. Isn’t it true that without time you can’t do or go where and what you want! Hence its the first long term goal you have to create! Be specific about everything, remember you are reprogramming your mind!

Time freedom is so valuable it doesn’t come easy. What are you setting in motion for you to be able to have the time to enjoy your boat, new house or even have the time for your vacation? You must create time in order to spend the money most are working so hard to create to build your dreams!

So many times I witness wealthy people who don’t have the time to do the things they want because they do not have time. What’s so great about working 50-60 + hours a week making millions and no time to enjoy the things you love to do? Why don’t more people think about that? Programming is why.

From young we are programmed go to school and get a good job, work for 45+ years of your life and retire on 1/2 of what we normally earned- that is 95% of the population! This statistic seems so grim! However if you take action and do something that the majority do not do, the road less traveled you are more likely to achieve your dreams! Don't let others deter you from what you want. Many times people called me crazy, made fun of me, called me a dreamer this only fueled me to get what I wanted. There negativity gave me the strength to move forward. How you may ask; simple before I take advice or listen to criticism I first look where it is coming from. Is it a person who lives the lifestyle? Is it someone who is more successful than me? Who has more money, freedom? If not I just smile and add that to the force that will drive me to accomplish my dreams. You are who you hang out with, be selective! Don't let others less accomplished make the choice for you in anything in life!

So creating your own lifestyle and making goals and adding time freedom is top priority! Life is short and it waits for no one to be ready to live. We do not know how much time we have, don't get stuck in the rat race!! Be different, take risks, and create BELIEF!! You can do anything you set your mind to!

Watch what vehicle I choose 25 years ago to live a life of time and financial freedom!


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